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Diameter Dependent Transport Properties of GaN Nanowire Field Effect Transistors



Abhishek Motayed, Mark D. Vaudin, Albert Davydov, John Meingailis, Maoqi He, S N. Mohammad


We report transport properties measurements of individual GaN nanowire field effect transistors and the correlation of the electron mobilities with the existence of grain boundaries in these nanowires. These nanowires are grown by direct reaction of NH3 and Ga and subsequently aligned on a prepatterned SiO2 coated Si substrates utilizing dielectrophoresis. Room temperature effective electron mobilities as high as 319 cm2.V-1s-1 were obtained for 200 nm diameter nanowires. Mobilities calculated from these reliable nanowire field effect transistors indicated that surface scattering plays a dominant role in the transport. Results indicated that smaller diameter nanowires had lower mobilities than larger diameter nanowires. Scaling of mobilities as observed in nanowires of different diameters can be explained a-continues surface model.
Applied Physics Letters


FET, GaN nanowires, nanowire mobility, size effect


Motayed, A. , Vaudin, M. , Davydov, A. , Meingailis, J. , He, M. and Mohammad, S. (2008), Diameter Dependent Transport Properties of GaN Nanowire Field Effect Transistors, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008