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Development of a Seebeck Coefficient Standard Reference Material (SRM)™



Nathan Lowhorn, Winnie K. Wong-Ng, John Lu, Joshua B. Martin, Martin L. Green, John E. Bonevich, Evan L. Thomas, Neil Dilley, Jeff Sharp


We have successfully developed a Seebeck coefficient Standard Reference Material (SRM™), Bi2Te3, that is essential for interlaboratory data comparison and for instrument calibration. Certification measurements were performed using a differential steady-state (DC) technique on 10 samples (15 measurements)randomly selected from a batch of 390 bars. The certified Seebeck coefficient values are provided from 10 K to 390 K and they are further supported by transient (AC) measurements. The availability of this SRM will validate measurement results, leading to a better understanding of structure/property relationships and the underlying physics of potential high efficiency thermoelectric materials.
Journal of Materials Research


Low temperature Seebeck coefficient SRM, bismuth telluride, Steady-state (DC) technique, certification, instrument calibration
Created August 1, 2011, Updated November 10, 2018