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Development of the Communication framework for Hybrid Fire Testing: applications in the virtual and real environment



Ana Sauca, Chao Zhang, Artur A. Chernovsky, Mina S. Seif


Hybrid fire testing is a new technique (under development) to performing fire test. It was inspired from subtructuring method and assumes testing individual structural members, as during standard fire testing, which communicate with the analytical/numerical model of the surrounding structure with the aim of reproducing the global behavior of the analyzed structure. During the hybrid fire test, the tested member exchanges information with the modelled member, and this exchange is possible through the communication framework. The communication framework is a key element for a successful hybrid fire testing and this paper will present the development of such a communication in Matlab. To validate the communication framework, first, a single degree of freedom linear system was analyzed in the virtual (both subtructures are modelled separately) and real environment (one substructure is tested and the other one is modeled). The same communication framework was used successfully when analyzing a ten-story steel structure exposed to a designed fire in the virtual environment. Multiple degrees of freedom were controlled during the virtual hybrid fire test and a sensitivity analysis was presented to understand the importance of some parameters in a hybrid fire test. The communication framework was successfully used in different case studies with the final aim to be used during a real hybrid fire test performed on a real structure.
Fire Safety Journal


hybrid fire testing, substructuring, communication framework, designed fires


Sauca, A. , Zhang, C. , Chernovsky, A. and Seif, M. (2020), Development of the Communication framework for Hybrid Fire Testing: applications in the virtual and real environment, Fire Safety Journal, [online], (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created December 31, 2019, Updated October 12, 2021