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Determining Carbon Fiber Composite Loading by Flip-Chip on a Coplanar Waveguide to 110GHz



Nina P. Basta, Jasper A. Drisko, Aaron M. Hagerstrom, Joshua A. Orlicki, Jennifer M. Sietins, Daniel B. Knorr, Jr., Edward J. Garboczi, Christian J. Long, Nathan D. Orloff


The electrical properties of materials are a necessary part of any circuit design. As applications at millimeter-wave frequen-cies increase, there is a growing need to develop new materials with low loss and multiple functionalities. Unfortunately, many conventional material characterization techniques require dam-age to the original sample. For example, resonant cavity tech-niques might require a sample to be diced into a geometry that is less than 1 mm square. Alternatively, broadband on-wafer techniques require devices to be lithographically patterned onto the material under test. Here, we demonstrate a new technique that combines on-wafer calibrations with a flip-chip transmis-sion-line test fixture. We show that this single transmission line fixture enables quantitative measurement of a material’s effec-tive permittivity from 40 kHz to 110 GHz. The resulting mate-rials characterization approach is both non-destructive and directly applicable to measurements of dielectric, magnetic, and nonlinear properties. The broad applicability of the technique makes it well-suited for characterizing the next generation of materials, including tunable materials and complex structural composites.
Conference Dates
September 23-28, 2018
Conference Location
Madrid, -1
Conference Title
European Microwave Week


millimeter waves, calibration, flip-chip, coplanar waveguide, dielectric spectroscopy, composites
Created November 22, 2018, Updated January 27, 2020