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Determination of Cross-Polarization Parameters in the Presence of Drift in Radar Cross Section Measurements



Lorant A. Muth


We use a rotating dihedral to determine the cross-polarization ratios of radar cross section measurement systems. Even a small amplitude drift can severely degrade the calibration accuracy, since the calibration relies on accurate determination of polarimetric data over a large dynamic range. We show analytically how drift introduces errors into the system parameters, and outline an analytic procedure that allows us to minimize the influence of drift to estimate error-free system parameters with greater accuracy. We show that only very limited information about the drift is needed to provide measured system parameters accurate to second-order in the error-free parameters. Higher-order accuracies can be achieved by using more detailed information about the drift. We use simulations to explain and illustrate the analytic development of this theory. We also show that using cross-polarimetric measurements on a cylinder we can recover the exact system parameters. These findings show that we can now calibrate polarimetric radar cross section systems without the large uncertainties that can be introduced by drift.
Proceedings Title
Antenna Measurements Techniques Association 2006
Conference Dates
October 22-27, 2006
Conference Location
Austin, TX


calibration accuracy, polarimetric calibration, radar cross section measurements, radar system parameters


Muth, L. (2006), Determination of Cross-Polarization Parameters in the Presence of Drift in Radar Cross Section Measurements, Antenna Measurements Techniques Association 2006, Austin, TX (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created October 1, 2006, Updated January 27, 2020