Detector-Independent Verification of Quantum Light

Published: April 21, 2017


Jan Sperling, W.R. Clements, Andreas Eckstein, Meritt Moore, Jelmer Renema, Steven Kolthammer, Sae Woo Nam, Adriana E. Lita, Thomas Gerrits, Wolfgang Vogel, G.S. Agarwal, Ian Walmsley


We introduce a method for the verification of nonclassical light which is independent of the complex interaction between the generated light and the material of the detectors, which are in our work superconducting transition-edge sensors. This is achieved by an optical multiplexing scheme. The measured coincidence statistics is shown to be a mixture of multinomial distributions for any classical light field and any type of detector. This allows us to formulate bounds for the statistical properties of classical states. We apply our directly accessible method to heralded multi-photon states which are detected with a single multiplexing step only and two transition-edge sensors. The nonclassicality of the generated light is verified and characterized through the violation of the classical bounds without the need for characterizing the used detectors.
Citation: Physical Review Letters
Issue: 118
Pub Type: Journals


nonclassical light, transition edge sensors' single photon detection
Created April 21, 2017, Updated November 10, 2018