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Design of MEMS vision tracking system based on a micro fiducial marker



Yong Sik Kim, Yang Seung Ho, KwangWoong Yang, Nicholas Dagalakis


In this study, a MEMS-based vision tracking system is developed based on micro fiducial markers. The vision tracking system recognizes the predetermined patterns of the micro-scale fiducial markers and calculates the position and rotation of the MEMS elements. Due to its good accessibility, the presented system can be applied to MEMS devices without significant effort or modification. In this study, this tracking system and three micro vision markers are applied to a MEMS nanopositioner as a linear displacement sensor. With this system, it is possible to monitor the linear displacement of the nanopositioner with the error less than 1% of an intended motion and the jittering error less than 1 µm. The presented MEMS vision tracking system also demonstrated its capabilities to track multiple MEMS elements simultaneously in MEMS-based micro-manipulation.
Journal of Sensors and Actuators Networks


MEMS, micro-manipulation, computer vision, OpenCV, micro-gripper, vision marker, vision tracking


Kim, Y. , Seung Ho, Y. , Yang, K. and Dagalakis, N. (2015), Design of MEMS vision tracking system based on a micro fiducial marker, Journal of Sensors and Actuators Networks, [online], (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created August 30, 2015, Updated October 12, 2021