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A Design Framework for High-Density Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Achieving Cooperative Diversity



Hamid Gharavi, Bin Hu


In this paper, we present a systematic design structure for high-density ad hoc networks aimed at achieving full cooperative diversity, based on which the PHY, MAC and Network layers of the system are specifically tailored. For the latter in particular, we present a cooperative routing protocol that is capable of exploiting full transmit diversity in adhoc networks. Simulation results are provided to demonstrate the substantial performance gain in terms of increased packet delivery reliability over high-throughput scenarios and reduced system delay, achieved by the cooperative diversity attained using a virtual MIMO system architecture.
Proceedings Title
IEEE International Conference on Communications 2010
Conference Dates
May 23-27, 2010
Conference Location
Cape Town, -1


Mobile Networks, diversity, cooperative transmission, multi-hop ad-hoc networks, asynchronous Transmission
Created May 24, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017