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Design, fabrication and metrology of 10x100 multi-planar integrated photonic routing manifolds for neural networks



Jeffrey T. Chiles, Sonia M. Buckley, Sae Woo Nam, Richard P. Mirin, Jeffrey M. Shainline


We design, fabricate, and characterize integrated photonic routing manifolds with 10 inputs and 100 outputs using two vertically integrated planes of silicon nitride waveguides. We analyze manifolds via top-view camera imaging. This measurement technique allows the rapid acquisition of hundreds of precise transmission measurements. We demonstrate manifolds with uniform and Gaussian power distribution patterns with mean power output errors (averaged over 10 sets of 10 inputs) of 0.7 and 0.9 dB, respectively, establishing this as a viable architecture for precision light distribution on-chip. We also assess the performance of the passive photonic elements comprising the system via self-referenced test structures, including high-dynamic- range beam taps, waveguide cutback structures, and waveguide crossing arrays.
APL Photonics
Created July 26, 2018, Updated July 9, 2019