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A Description of the Fluoroelastomer Coating Evolution as a Polymer Processing Aid



Mathurin G. Meillon, D Morgan, D Bigio, Kalman Migler, S Oriani


For decades, fluoroelastomers have been used as polymer processing aids (PPA). Previous works have measured the thickness of the PPA coating, its effects on the polymer/die interface, and proposed several mechanisms of PPA coating. In this work, the coating process of a fluoroelastomer was visualized during the extrusion of a PPA/Polyethylene blend. The apparatus consisted of a capillary rheometer fitted with a sapphire die and a high resolution imaging system. The images obtained show a coating evolution from the adhesion of scarce PPA particles, to the massive wave flow of PPA, and finally the formation of streaks on the die wall. These sequences of images are correlated with the measurements of the die entrance pressure and the appearance of the extrudate.
Conference Dates
January 13, 2005
Conference Location
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coating process, polymer processisng aid, sharkskin


Meillon, M. , Morgan, D. , Bigio, D. , Migler, K. and Oriani, S. (2008), A Description of the Fluoroelastomer Coating Evolution as a Polymer Processing Aid, ANTEC, Undefined (Accessed May 23, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008