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Degenerate Bose-Fermi mixtures of rubidium and ytterbium



James V. Porto, Varun Vaidya, Jiraphat Tiamsuphat, Steven Rolston


We report the first realization of a quantum degenerate mixture of bosonic $^{87}$Rb and fermionic $^{171}$Yb atoms in a hybrid optical dipole trap with a tunable, species-dependent trapping potential. $^{87}$Rb is shown to be a viable refrigerant for the non-interacting $^{171}$Yb atoms, cooling up to $2.4 \times 10^5$ $^{171}$Yb atoms to a temperature of $T/T_F = 0.16(2) $ while simultaneously forming a $^{87}$Rb BEC of $3.5 \times 10^5$ atoms. Furthermore we demonstrate our ability to independently tailor the potentials for each species, which paves the way for studying impurities immersed in a Bose gas.
Physical Review A


Bose-Fermi, degenerate, mixture, rubidium, species-dependent, ytterbium


Porto, J. , Vaidya, V. , Tiamsuphat, J. and Rolston, S. (2015), Degenerate Bose-Fermi mixtures of rubidium and ytterbium, Physical Review A (Accessed July 13, 2024)


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Created October 5, 2015, Updated April 17, 2018