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Defect Induced Lowering of Activation Energies at Step Bands in Co/Cu(100)



S T. Coyle, M Scheinfein, J L. Blue


Complex topological features such as rectangular voids and step inclusions that were seen in secondary electron micrographs of Co films grown on Cu(100) at room temperature were reproduced in Monte Carlo simulations in the presence of step bands. Lowered activation energies at defects such as steps, kinks, and vacancies enhance step edge restructuring during growth and upon annealing. This results in features such as faceted step edges, rectangular pits, incorporation of Co into terraces, surface alloying, and surface segregation. Simulated growth structures are directly compared with those observed in an ultrahigh vacuum scanning transmission electron microscope.
Applied Physics Letters
72 No. 8


cobalt on copper, crystal growth, interdiffusion, Monte Carlo, step edges


Coyle, S. , Scheinfein, M. and Blue, J. (1998), Defect Induced Lowering of Activation Energies at Step Bands in Co/Cu(100), Applied Physics Letters (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created January 31, 1998, Updated October 12, 2021