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Defect Controlled Diffusion in the Epitaxial Growth of Germanium on Si(100)



C L. Berrie, B Liu, S R. Leone


The growth of germanium films on Si(100) substrates prepared by two different methods is studied using atomic force microscopy and reflection high energy electron diffraction. The first method uses a brief Ar+ sputter followed by annealing to desorb the remaining oxide, resulting in a flat substrate. The second method involves the pre-treatment of the sample with an oxygen plasma discharge before annealing. Pre-treating the Si(100) surface with an oxygen plasma discharge can sometimes result in etch pits that dramatically affect the growth of the germanium film. The diffusion length of germanium on the pretraated sample at 750 K is estimated to be greater then or equal to} 700 100 nm by measuring the size of island-free terreces surrounded by etch pits.
Applied Surface Science


diffusion, film growth, germanium, MBE


Berrie, C. , Liu, B. and Leone, S. (2001), Defect Controlled Diffusion in the Epitaxial Growth of Germanium on Si(100), Applied Surface Science (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created April 30, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021