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Database-Assisted Estimates of Ultimate Capacities of Low-Rise Building Frames Under Wind Loads



S Jang, L L. Lu, Fahim H. Sadek, Emil Simiu


This paper is a derivative of G2001-1392, Database-Assisted Wind Load Capacity Estimates for Low-Rise Steel Frames, by Jang, S., et al., intended for publication in the Journal of Structural Engineering.The original paper's abstract was:A comparative study is presented of the estimated wind load capacities of low-rise steel building frames based on loading patterns (magnitude and distribution) established from aerodynamic databases on the one hand, and on patterns specified in the ASCE 7 Standard on the other. The estimated capacities are based on the assumption, verified by numerous sets of calculations, and also used in the development of the ASCE 7 Standard, that the most unfavorable wind load occurs at the instant in time when the peak knee-joint bending moment is attained. The estimates are obtained from detailed inelastic finite-element analyses of the frames with ultimate states associated with local and global instabilities. It is shown that the estimates based on the aerodynamic database are more realistic and risk-consistent and can therefore lead to safer designs at lower costs. These estimates represent a significant advance over the ASCE 7 Standard-based estimates.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Wind Engineering
Conference Dates
January 1, 2001
Conference Location
Conference Title
America's Conference on Wind Engineering


building codes, building technology, database-assisted design, finite element analysis, low-rise buildings, nonlinear analysis, steel structures, wind force, wind load capacity


Jang, S. , Lu, L. , Sadek, F. and Simiu, E. (2001), Database-Assisted Estimates of Ultimate Capacities of Low-Rise Building Frames Under Wind Loads, Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Wind Engineering, Undefined (Accessed February 21, 2024)
Created December 31, 2000, Updated October 12, 2021