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Dark Encounter Computations (And Musings on Biological Networks)



Rene C. Peralta


We describe two models of distributed computation in which the agents are anonymous finite-state sensors interacting through a communication network whose dynamics (in case the agents are mobile) and/or topology they do not control or even know about. These models were recently introduced in a series of papers by Angluin It is natural to wonder how contrived this paradigm is. The question arises because the model becomes essentially a Turing Machine if the finite-state and/or the anonymity constraints are removed. Anonymity, however, is a plausible constraint in a variety of scenarios. We briefly discuss some of these scenarios and link them to security problems. We go a little deeper into the possible relation between the model and biological networks.
Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes


biological networks, mobile ad-hoc networks, security


Peralta, R. (2006), Dark Encounter Computations (And Musings on Biological Networks), Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created August 1, 2006, Updated January 27, 2020