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The Customer Speaks: Satisfaction With and Use of Library Resources



Barbara P. Silcox


The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in its 2000 Annual Report to the NIST Director expressed concern that the NIST Research Library would not be able to meet the research needs of the scientific and technical staff in the very near future due to inadequate and stagnant funding. Of particular concern was the rate at which the Research Library had cancelled journal subscriptions in the last three years to stay within its fiscal year allocations. In response to the RAC's concerns, the NIST Director requested that the Office of Information Services (OIS) conduct a customer survey to determine the NIST research community's use and satisfaction with the Research Library's information resources and to assess the impact of the recent journal cancellations on the NIST research environment. In October 2001, OIS conducted this customer survey. With 528 respondents from 48 out of 55 NIST divisions, the survey results represent the perspectives of a wide variety of NIST researchers. This presentation will focus on collection-related findings and how they translated into collection development decisions.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the ASIST Conference, November 2002
Conference Dates
November 1, 2002
Conference Location
Conference Title
American Society for Information Science and Technology Conference


collection development, customer survey, library, library patrons, NIST Research Library, research library


Silcox, B. (2008), The Customer Speaks: Satisfaction With and Use of Library Resources, Proceedings of the ASIST Conference, November 2002, Undefined (Accessed July 14, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008