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Current supply for high-Tc superconductor testing



Loren F. Goodrich, S L. Bray


Precise and accurate measurements of the DC critical current of high-Tc superconductors often require a current supply that has high input-to-output isolation, high isolation from ground and low output ripple. Also, to ensure precise current control, the supply should have low current drift and its input-output characteristic should be linear. A design for a simple and inexpensive current supply that has these characteristics is presented. The primary power sources is a 12 V wet-cell battery and the typical operating range is from 10mA to 10 A. The supply's current ripple is
Measurement Science and Technology


Current, superconducting, testing


Goodrich, L. and Bray, S. (1990), Current supply for high-Tc superconductor testing, Measurement Science and Technology, [online], (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created January 18, 1990, Updated February 19, 2017