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Current Projects in Display Metrology at the NIST Flat Panel Display Laboratory



Paul A. Boynton, Edward F. Kelley, John M. Libert


The NIST Flat Panel Display Laboratory (FPDL) is operated through the Display Metrology Project (DMP) of the Electronic Information Technology Group in the Electricity Division of the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory of NIST. The DMP works to develop and refine measurement procedures in support of ongoing electronic display metrology, and applies the results in the development of national and international standards for flat panel display characterization. In the past, the NIST DMP has established diagnostics and tools to address such issues as reflections, stray light and color accuracy, and have supported the development of display standards. Current projects include the development of a liquid-filled camera to reduce stray-light contributions to the reference image and enable more accurate luminance measurements of complicated scenes involving high contrasts; a narrow-frustum probe for making accurate luminance measurements of small areas; a variable-radius source method for separating reflection components; a standard illuminated source with test targets for the assessment of display measurement capabilities, and tools and diagnostics for the measurement of near-the-eye displays. These projects are described briefly, with the exception of the display measurement assessment transfer standard, which is accounted elsewhere.
Proceedings Title
Proc., Fourth Oxford Conference on Spectrometry
Conference Dates
June 10-12, 2002
Conference Location
Davidson, NC, USA
Conference Title
Fourth Oxford Conference on Spectrometry


Boynton, P. , Kelley, E. and Libert, J. (2003), Current Projects in Display Metrology at the NIST Flat Panel Display Laboratory, Proc., Fourth Oxford Conference on Spectrometry, Davidson, NC, USA, [online], (Accessed February 24, 2024)
Created January 31, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021