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Crystallography and properties of metal organic framework (MOF) compounds (Special sections)



Winnie K. Wong-Ng, Craig M. Brown


Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are known for their wide range of potential applications, including gas sorption, gas storage, gas separation, catalysis, sensors, drug delivery, imaging, electronic devices, and environmental sustainability, yet our fundamental understanding of the properties of MOF materials is incomplete. As functional MOF materials are envisioned to play an important role in our modern society and in future economic and social progress, the underlying crystallographic information for these materials is of great importance for many research communities. As co-editors (Craig Brown and Winnie Wong-Ng), we have successfully planned and published the special sections of ‘Crystallography and properties of metal organic framework (MOF) compounds’ in the Journal Powder Diffraction to focus on the latest developments in the cross-disciplinary fields of structure science and MOF materials. Nine review and technical papers have been published throughout the four 2019 issues and the March 2020 issue of Powder Diffraction. The readers are to refer to the compiled list of papers.
Powder Diffraction


Metal organic framework (MOF) compounds, Powder Diffraction (special sections), Review and technical papers, Structure science, Cross disciplinary fields
Created April 27, 2020, Updated April 30, 2020