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A Cryogenic Quantum-Based RF Source



Justus A. Brevik, Christine A. Donnelly, Nathan E. Flowers-Jacobs, Anna E. Fox, Peter F. Hopkins, Paul D. Dresselhaus, Dylan F. Williams, Samuel P. Benz, Manuel C. Castellanos Beltran, A. Soares Boaventura


We performed a preliminary calibrated measurement of the output power of a Josephson arbitrary waveform synthesizer up to 1 GHz. We present the results and measurement procedure for generating quantum-based signals using an array of Josephson junctions operating at cryogenic temperature and calibrating those signals to transfer the on-wafer quantum-based accuracy to room temperature.
Proceedings Title
95th ARFTG Microwave Measurement Conference
Conference Dates
June 26, 2020
Conference Location
Los Angeles, CA
Conference Title
Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Measurements for the Connected World, June 26, 2020


Digital-analog conversion, Josephson arrays, Quantization, Signal synthesis, Standards, Superconducting integrated circuits, Voltage measurement, Power Measurement
Created March 10, 2020, Updated April 10, 2020