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Cross Sections for Electron Impact Excitation of the Vibrationally-Resolved A1[PI] Electronic State of Carbon Monoxide



H. Kato, H Kawahara, M Hoshino, H Tanaka, M J. Brunger, Yong Sik Kim


We report on new differential cross section measurements for electron impact excitation of the A1 ( 0) states of Carbon Monoxide. The energy range of this work is from 20 200 eV. We also reanalyse the A1 ( 0) manifold cross sections of Middleton et al. In order to provide a basis for comparison with our new vibrationally-resolved differential cross section data. Excellent agreement is found between the two sets of measurements at all common energies. From 20 200 eV the present differential cross sections are extrapolated, integrated and the corresponding integral excitation cross sections determined. New scaled Born integral cross sections, calculated as a part of the present study, are compared against these experimental integral cross sections with excellent agreementbeing found for all the X1 +g ( 00 = 0) ! A1 ( 0 = 0 - 7) transitions. In addition our scaled Born integral cross sections are also found to be in excellent agreement between
Journal of Chemical Physics


BEB, carbon monoxide, cross section, electron impact, excitation


Kato, H. , Kawahara, H. , Hoshino, M. , Tanaka, H. , Brunger, M. and Kim, Y. (2021), Cross Sections for Electron Impact Excitation of the Vibrationally-Resolved A<sup>1</sup>[PI] Electronic State of Carbon Monoxide, Journal of Chemical Physics (Accessed May 26, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021