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Critical Size for Shape Transition and Size Evolution of Ge Islands on Si (100)



B Liu, C L. Berrie, J Bright, S R. Leone


Atomic force microscopy is used to study the molecular beam epitaxy of Ge on Si(100) at different growth temperatures and coverages. Forgrowth temperatures ranging from 750 K to 900 K, at the early coarsening stage, an island shape transition is observed from shallow hut clusterto dome islands of higher aspect ratio. From the temperature dependence of the critical size for the shape transition, an energy barrier o0.26+0.08 eV is obtained. A kinetic picture of island shape evolution involving a net upward surface diffusion along island facets is proposedAt the late growth stage, islands significantly larger than hut clusters and domes begin to appear and grow much faster. Features such as trenchformation and denuded zones around the very large islands are discussed.
Physics Letters A


atomic force microscopy, denuded zones, Ge Islands, shape transition, trench formation


Liu, B. , Berrie, C. , Bright, J. and Leone, S. (2021), Critical Size for Shape Transition and Size Evolution of Ge Islands on Si (100), Physics Letters A (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021