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Critical exponent for the viscosity of four binary liquids



Robert F. Berg, Michael R. Moldover


We have measured the viscosity of four binary mixtures near their consolute points: (1) methanol + cyclohexane, (2) isobutyric acid + water, (3) nitroethane + 3-methylpentane, and (4) 2-butoxyethanol + water. The viscosity data are consistent with the power-law divergence: eta ~ |T- Tc|^-y, with an apparent viscosity exponent in the range 0.0404
Chemical Physics


Berg, R. and Moldover, M. (1988), Critical exponent for the viscosity of four binary liquids, Chemical Physics (Accessed June 18, 2024)


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Created September 15, 1988, Updated February 17, 2017