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Creation of a Dipolar Superfluid in Optical Lattices



B Damski, L Santos, E Tiemann, M Lewenstein, Svetlana A. Kotochigova, Paul S. Julienne, W.H. Zoller


We show that by loading a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) of two different atomic species into an optical lattice, it is possible to achieve a Mott-insulator phase with exactly one atom of each species per lattice site. A subsequent photo-association leads to the formation in each lattice site of one heteronuclear molecule, which possesses a large electric dipole moment. The melting of such dipolar Mott-insulator creates a dipolar superfluid, and eventually a dipolar BEC.
Physical Review Letters
No. 11


Boise-Einstein Condensate, dipole moment, KRb, Mott-insulator, optical lattice


Damski, B. , Santos, L. , Tiemann, E. , Lewenstein, M. , Kotochigova, S. , Julienne, P. and Zoller, W. (2003), Creation of a Dipolar Superfluid in Optical Lattices, Physical Review Letters (Accessed February 27, 2024)
Created February 28, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021