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Coupled magnetic and ferroelectric hysteresis in multiferroic Ni ^ d3 ^ V ^ d2 ^ O ^ d8 ^



I. Cabrera, M. Kenzelmann, Wangchun Chen, Ross Erwin, Thomas R. Gentile, Juscelino Leao, Jeffrey W. Lynn, N. Rogado, R. J. Cava, C. Broholm, G. Lawes, Ying Chen


Electric control of spin chirality in a magnetically frustrated multiferroic is demonstrated through polarized magnetic neutron diffraction. Cooling to the cycloidal multiferroic phase of Ni ^ d3 ^ V ^ d2 ^ O ^ d8 ^ in an electric field causes the incommensurate Bragg reflections to become neutron spin polarizing, the sense of neutron polarization reversing with E. Quantitative analysis indicates the E-treated sample is chiral, the chirality controlled by E. We further show close association between chiral and ferro-electric domains through E-driven spin chiral and electric polarization hysteresis. We suggest that the denite spin chirality is achieved through magneto-elastically induced Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions.
Physical Review Letters


Phonons, Multiferroic, Chiral Magnetic Order, Electric Field Control, Polarized Neutron Scattering


Cabrera, I. , Kenzelmann, M. , Chen, W. , Erwin, R. , Gentile, T. , Leao, J. , Lynn, J. , Rogado, N. , Cava, R. , Broholm, C. , Lawes, G. and Chen, Y. (2009), Coupled magnetic and ferroelectric hysteresis in multiferroic Ni ^ d3 ^ V ^ d2 ^ O ^ d8 ^, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created August 17, 2009, Updated October 12, 2021