Could the Internet of Things Be Used to Enhance Student Nurses’ Experiences in a Disaster Simulation?

Published: February 27, 2018


Jeffrey M. Voas, Phillip Laplante, Nancy Laplante


The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to create many opportunities for enhancing human lives, particularly, in healthcare. In this paper we illustrate how an IoT enabled tracking system can help in a special kind of healthcare setting, that is, in the case of a disaster. We briefly describe the disaster situation and a method for modeling certain aspects of the event. We then discuss the implementation of a simple WiFi capable barcode tracking system to enable responders, authorities and families to track victims in the wake of the disaster. We further describe a nursing simulation which will be conducted to create experiences and identify concerns in preparation for real implementation of such a system.
Citation: Journal of Nursing Informatics
Volume: 22
Issue: Winter 2018
Pub Type: Journals

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Internet of Things, disaster management, bar coding, RFID
Created February 27, 2018, Updated April 26, 2018