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Correlations and Incipient Antiferromagnetic order within the Linear Mn Chains of Metallic Ti4MnBi2



Abhishek Pandey, Ping Mao, M. Klemm, H. He, H. Wang, X. Qian, Jeffrey W. Lynn, M.C. Aronson


We report measurements on Ti4MnBi2, where a crystal structure involving chains of Mn ions suggests one-dimensional magnetic character. The electrical resistivity is metallic, consistent with the results of electronic structure calculations that find a robust Fermi surface, albeit with moderate electronic correlations that originate largely with the Ti d-electrons. Curie-Weiss fits to the magnetic susceptibility find that the Mn moments are in the low-spin S = 1=2 configuration. Neutron diffraction measurements detect weak antiferromagnetic order, with further evidence for the small staggered moment coming from the small entropy associated with the ordering peak in the specific heat as well as the results of spin-polarized electronic structure calculations. The antiferromagnetic moments are apparently associated with the dx2-y2 and dxy orbitals of Mn while the remaining orbitals are delocalized. Strong quantum fluctuations, possibly related to an electronic instability that forms the Mn moment or to the one-dimensional character of Ti4MnBi2, nearly overcome magnetic order.
Physical Review B


One dimensional magnet, metallic, neutron diffraction, antiferromagnet.


Pandey, A. , Mao, P. , Klemm, M. , He, H. , Wang, H. , Qian, X. , Lynn, J. and Aronson, M. (2020), Correlations and Incipient Antiferromagnetic order within the Linear Mn Chains of Metallic Ti<sub>4</sub>MnBi<sub>2</sub>, Physical Review B, [online], (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created July 5, 2020, Updated October 12, 2021