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Correlation for the Second Virial Coefficient of Water



Allan H. Harvey, Eric W. Lemmon


A new correlation has been developed to represent the second virial coefficient of water (H2O) as a function of temperature. The formulation was fitted to experimental data, both for the second virial coefficient itself and for a quantity related to its first temperature derivative, at temperatures between approximately 310 and 1170 K. The high-temperature extrapolation behavior was guided by results calculated from a highquality intermolecular pair potential. The new correlation agrees well with the experimental data deemed to be reliable, and at high temperatures is a significant improvement over the best previous formulation.
J. Phys. & Chem. Ref. Data (JPCRD) -


H2O, second virial coefficient, steam, thermodynamics, water


Harvey, A. and Lemmon, E. (2004), Correlation for the Second Virial Coefficient of Water, J. Phys. & Chem. Ref. Data (JPCRD), National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD (Accessed February 24, 2024)
Created March 4, 2004, Updated February 19, 2017