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Corrections to standard state in combustion calorimetry: an update and a web-based tool



Eugene Paulechka, Demian Riccardi


Combustion calorimetry is the predominant method for determination of enthalpies of formation for organic compounds. Both initial and nal states of the calorimeter deviate signi cantly from the standard conditions. Correction of the obtained results to the standard state must be applied as accurately as possible to determine the combustion energy with an acceptable uncertainty, which typically a few hundredths of a percent. The correction procedures in their current form were introduced in 1956 with simpli cations to allow application in a pre-computer era. In this work, the procedures have been updated with respect to both the equations and reference values. The most reliable data sources are identi ed, and the updated algorithm is presented in the form of a Web-based tool available through the NIST TRC Web site.
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics


Paulechka, E. and Riccardi, D. (2021), Corrections to standard state in combustion calorimetry: an update and a web-based tool, Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, [online],, (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created February 26, 2021, Updated October 14, 2021