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Coordination and Local Transport Gap in C60 Chains on a Pentacene Template



Dan B. Dougherty, W Jin, J Cullen, Gregory Dutton, J Reutt-Robey, Steven W. Robey


The adsorption of C60 on a bilayer film of pentacene on Ag(111) is studied with scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy. At low coverage, C60 molecules form extended linear structures due to the templating effect of the pentacene bilayer. The registration and orientation of the C60 molecules in the chains reflects the electrostatic interactions between pentacene and C60. The transport gap of these structures is measured to be 4.5 0.2 eV using constant-current distance-voltage spectroscopy. The magnitude of the gap is correlated with the uniquely low coordination of the linear fullerene structures. PACS: 61.48.+c, 68.37.Ef, 73.22.-f
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)


assembly, electronics, molecular, nanotechnology, organic, photovoltaic, STM


Dougherty, D. , Jin, W. , Cullen, J. , Dutton, G. , Reutt-Robey, J. and Robey, S. (2008), Coordination and Local Transport Gap in C<sub>60</sub> Chains on a Pentacene Template, Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics) (Accessed April 25, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008