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Coordinate Metrology and the Proposed E57.02 Static Pose Determination Standard



David MacKinnon, J.-Angelo Beraldin, Tsai H. Hong, Jeremy Marvel


We present the Proposed Standard ASTM E57.02 "Standard Test Method for Evaluating Static Pose Measurement Systems" (Work Item ASTM WK31638) and explain why it should be considered important by coordinate metrologists. The stated purpose of the standard is to provide metrics and procedures to evaluate how well a non-contact 3D imaging system is able to determine an object's pose relative to the 3D imaging system. Pose estimation is particularly important for 3D imaging systems that can be moved during the process of generating a digital surface model of a surface, such as arm-mounted 3D imaging systems. The quality of the digital surface model generated by merging multiple depth maps depends on how well the 3D imaging system, or systems, was able to determine their pose during acquisition. We provide a summary of the document to date, the proposed test methods, and the current status of the proposed standard.
Journal of the CMSC


pose estimation, ASTM, E57, non-contact 3D imaging system, standard


MacKinnon, D. , Beraldin, J. , Hong, T. and Marvel, J. (2013), Coordinate Metrology and the Proposed E57.02 Static Pose Determination Standard, Journal of the CMSC, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created March 28, 2013, Updated October 12, 2021