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Controlled Synthesis of Single-Crystalline InN Nanorods



Igor Levin, Albert Davydov, O M. Kryliouk, Hyun Jong Park, YongSun Won, T J. Anderson, J P. Kim, J A. Freitas


Single-crystalline InN nanorods were successfully grown on c-Al203, GaN, and Si substrates by non catalytic, template-free hydride metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (H-MOVPE). Stable gas-phase oligomer formation is proposed as the nucleation mechanism for InN nanoparticle generation. It was evaluated thermodynamically and confirmed experimentally that the growth of nanorods occurs at the growth-etch transition region. Dislocation-free high quality InN nanorods with [00.1] growth axis were formed via the solid-vapor growth mechanism. Growth parameters and optimal growth conditions were determined. The nanorods diameter, density and orientation were controlled using growth temperature, substrate selection, HCI/TMI and V/III ratios. Extensive studies of the nanorods were performed by FESEM, XRD, TEM, EDS, and Raman scattering.
Nano Letters


growth, nanowire, nitride, semiconductor


Levin, I. , Davydov, A. , Kryliouk, O. , Park, H. , Won, Y. , Anderson, T. , Kim, J. and Freitas, J. (2017), Controlled Synthesis of Single-Crystalline InN Nanorods, Nano Letters (Accessed May 26, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017