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A Control System for an Automated Manufacturing Research Facility



James S. Albus, Tony Barbera, M L. Fitzgerald, Ernest Kent, Charles R. McLean, H Mccain, Howard Bloom, L Haynes, Cita M. Furlani, Edward J. Barkmeyer Jr., Mary Mitchell, Harry A. Scott, D Blomquist, R Kilmer


A hierarchical architecture for real-time planning and control has been implemented in the first cell of an Automated Manufacturing Research Facility at the National Bureau of Standards. Three workstations (A horizontal milling, a turning, and a materials handling workstation) have been implemented. The horizontal and the turning workstations have robots, and the horizontal has a 6-D robot vision system interfaced with a RCS (Real-time Control System) robot controller. A communications network, a distributed data base and a simulator/emulator have also been implemented.
Society of Manufacturing Engineering, Robots 8


AMRF, RCS, robot controller, hierarchical architecture, real-time planning and control


Albus, J. , Barbera, T. , Fitzgerald, M. , Kent, E. , McLean, C. , Mccain, H. , Bloom, H. , Haynes, L. , Furlani, C. , Barkmeyer Jr., E. , Mitchell, M. , Scott, H. , Blomquist, D. and Kilmer, R. (1984), A Control System for an Automated Manufacturing Research Facility, Society of Manufacturing Engineering, Robots 8, [online], (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created December 31, 1983, Updated October 12, 2021