Contactless Resonant Cavity Dielectric Spectroscopic Studies of Cellulosic Paper Aging

Published: August 28, 2019


Mary Kombolias, Jan Obrzut, Michael T. Postek, Dianne L. Poster, Yaw S. Obeng


The current analytical techniques for characterizing printing and graphic arts substrates, particularly those used to date and to authenticate provenance, are largely ex situ and destructive. This limits the amount of data that can be captured from an individual sample. For samples being evaluated in forensic and archeological investigations, loss or degradation of some portion of unique and rare materials is also often a consequence, and it is difficult to produce statistically relevant data. In previous work, we developed a contactless resonant cavity dielectric spectroscopy technique that could be used for forensic and archeological investigations of paper. Measurements from this technique are suitable for statistical interpretations which offer analysts the ability to discriminate between sheeted paper material compositions. In this paper, we demonstrate how the contactless resonant cavity dielectric spectroscopy technique may be used to estimate the relative age of paper samples that are naturally and artificially aged
Citation: Analytical Letters
Volume: 52
Issue: 16
Pub Type: Journals


microwave, dielectric spectroscopy, paper aging
Created August 28, 2019, Updated August 28, 2019