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Contactless Excitation of Acoustic Resonance in Thin Wafers



Gan Zhai, Yizhou Xin, Cameron Kopas, Ella Lachman, Mark Field, Josh Y Mutus, Katarina Cicak, Joe Aumentado, Zuhawn Sung, William Halperin


Contactless excitation and detection of high harmonic acoustic overtones in a thin single crystal are described using radio frequency spectroscopy techniques. Single crystal [001] silicon wafer samples were investigated, one side covered with a Nb thin film, the common starting point for fabrication of quantum devices. The coupling between electromagnetic signals and mechanical oscillation is achieved from the Lorentz force generated by an external magnetic field. This method is suitable for any sample with a metallic surface or covered with a thin metal film. High resolution measurements of the temperature dependence of the sound velocity and elastic constants of silicon are reported and compared with previous work.
Applied Physics Letters


Zhai, G. , Xin, Y. , Kopas, C. , Lachman, E. , Field, M. , Mutus, J. , Cicak, K. , Aumentado, J. , Sung, Z. and Halperin, W. (2022), Contactless Excitation of Acoustic Resonance in Thin Wafers, Applied Physics Letters, [online], (Accessed June 16, 2024)


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Created October 4, 2022, Updated January 23, 2024