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Contact resistance and phase slips in mesoscopic superfluid atom transport



Stephen Eckel, Jeffrey Lee, Fred Jendrejewski, Christopher Lobb, Gretchen K. Campbell, Wendell Hill


We have experimentally measured both resistive flow and superflow with bosonic atoms in a mesoscopic transport experiment. Our system, consisting of two Bose-Einstein condensates coupled by a narrow channel, shows resistive flow for currents above a critical value and long-lived oscillations for currents below the same critical value. We capture both behaviors with a simple electronic circuit analogue. We find that the resistance is consistent with phase slips and the associated creation of vortices, as proposed by Feynman [R. P. Feynman, Prog. Low Temp. Phys., (1955)]. We also show that the oscillations are consistent with LC oscillations as estimated by the kinetic inductance and capacitance in our system. Our narrow channel, which allows between 2 and 10 single particle modes to propagate, represents a clear mesoscopic system where particle statistics plays a definitive role in transport.
Physical Review A


atomtronics, Bose-Einstein condensation, mesoscopic physics, resistance superfluids, transport, ultra-cold atoms, vortices, weak connections


Eckel, S. , Lee, J. , Jendrejewski, F. , Lobb, C. , , G. and Hill, W. (2016), Contact resistance and phase slips in mesoscopic superfluid atom transport, Physical Review A, [online],, (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created June 15, 2016, Updated May 3, 2021