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Construction Materials and Systems for the 21st Century High Performance Will Be Demanded!



G J. Frohnsdorff, T Pasko


There is a growing awareness of the benefits that could accrue from improving the technologies used by the Nation s $995 billion/year building and construction industry. Some possibilities for improvement in the performance of construction materials through transfer of existing technical knowledge supplemented by well-focused research and development were foreseen in the Civil Engineering Research Foundation s (CERF) 1994 report, Materials for Tomorrow s Infrastructure: A 10-Year Plan for Deploying High-Performance Construction Materials and Systems. In 1995, to help make sure that the Nation did not have to rely on 20th century materials for 21st century construction, CERF brought together organizations representing 12 major groups of construction materials to form the CONMAT Council to help implement the commercialization of materials and systems for an entirely new generation of constructed facilities. At about the same time, the Subcommittee on Construction and Building under the National Science and Technology Council published a statement of seven National Construction Goals (NCGs). Taken together, these activities stimulated thinking about what could, and should, be done to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the construction industry while conserving resources and protecting the environment. In this paper, some examples of recent developments in, and applications of, high-performance construction materials are given and attention is drawn to some needs that must be met to foster further progress.
Astm Standardization News


aluminum, composites, concrete, CONMAT Council, construction materials, high performance, National Construction Goals, steel, wood products


Frohnsdorff, G. and Pasko, T. (2017), Construction Materials and Systems for the 21st Century High Performance Will Be Demanded!, Astm Standardization News (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017