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Conservation of Bond Lengths in Strained GeSi Layers



J C. Woicik, Charles E. Bouldin, M I. Bell, J. O. Cross, D. J. Tweet, B. D. Swanson, Jianmin Zhang, L. B. Sorensen, C. A. King, J. L. Hoyt, P Pianetta, J. F. Gibbons
Physical Review
B 43


Woicik, J. , Bouldin, C. , Bell, M. , Cross, J. , Tweet, D. , Swanson, B. , Zhang, J. , Sorensen, L. , King, C. , Hoyt, J. , Pianetta, P. and Gibbons, J. (1991), Conservation of Bond Lengths in Strained GeSi Layers, Physical Review (Accessed April 13, 2024)
Created February 14, 1991, Updated October 12, 2021