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Configuring and Verifying Reverberation Chambers for Testing Cellular Wireless Devices



Catherine A. Remley, Jos N. Dortmans, Catherine Weldon, Thomas B. Meurs, Chih-Ming Wang, Christopher L. Holloway, Perry F. Wilson


Reverberation chambers provide a repeatable test environment for laboratory over-the-air testing and represent a viable solution for testing large-form-factor wireless devices. Such tests often involve “imperfect chamber” configurations in which the chamber is loaded with RF absorbing material. We provide step-by-step guidance on configuring and verifying chamber performance for over-the-air tests of single-antenna cellular wireless devices. We illustrate these methods with numerous examples, highlighting the trade-offs in various chamber configurations. We conclude by calculating total radiated power and total isotropic sensitivity for a cellular-enabled wireless router and discuss methods for assessing uncertainty in estimates of these quantities.
IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility


Cellular telecommunications, microwave measurement, reverberation chamber, wireless system


Remley, C. , Dortmans, J. , Weldon, C. , Meurs, T. , Wang, C. , Holloway, C. and Wilson, P. (2016), Configuring and Verifying Reverberation Chambers for Testing Cellular Wireless Devices, IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, [online], (Accessed June 15, 2024)


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Created April 21, 2016, Updated March 19, 2019