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Conference Report: Representing Ethnic Diversity for Precision Medicine



Justin M. Zook, Luke Hickey, Benedict Paten, Robert Sebra, Valerie Schneider


There is a pressing need to better represent ethnic diversity with genomic resources — and to do so in a way that maximizes utility for people working with the Genome Reference Consortium’s human reference genome. That was the theme of a panel discussion among the authors at the Precision Medicine Leaders Summit, held in San Diego in August 2017. The session, entitled “Minority Report: Ethnic Diversity and the Real Promise for Precision Medicine,” included discussion about better representing the human genome; addressing population bias in existing databases; evolving technology; data sharing; and achieving precision medicine for all individuals. Here, we summarize the key discussion points from the panel.
Journal of Precision Medicine


Human genome sequencing, reference genome, genomics, precision medicine


Zook, J. , Hickey, L. , Paten, B. , Sebra, R. and Schneider, V. (2018), Conference Report: Representing Ethnic Diversity for Precision Medicine, Journal of Precision Medicine, [online], (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created August 23, 2018