Conference Report: Representing Ethnic Diversity for Precision Medicine

Published: August 23, 2018


Justin M. Zook, Luke Hickey, Benedict Paten, Robert Sebra, Valerie Schneider


There is a pressing need to better represent ethnic diversity with genomic resources — and to do so in a way that maximizes utility for people working with the Genome Reference Consortium’s human reference genome. That was the theme of a panel discussion among the authors at the Precision Medicine Leaders Summit, held in San Diego in August 2017. The session, entitled “Minority Report: Ethnic Diversity and the Real Promise for Precision Medicine,” included discussion about better representing the human genome; addressing population bias in existing databases; evolving technology; data sharing; and achieving precision medicine for all individuals. Here, we summarize the key discussion points from the panel.
Citation: Journal of Precision Medicine
Pub Type: Journals

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Human genome sequencing, reference genome, genomics, precision medicine
Created August 23, 2018, Updated August 23, 2018