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Computational Materials Science and Industrial R&D: Accelerating Progress



S C. Glotzer, James A. Warren


Computtional materials research has made major advances over the past decade in accelerating the design, processing and performance of technologically important materials. materials simulation is, however, still in its infancy, as the nature of mateirals problems are so comples. However, as computational power has grown, so too has our ability to attack increasingly challenging materials problems, and pose increasingly difficult questions. To fully capitalize on these advances and accelerate the integration of computational materials science into day-to-day R&D, however, we must also identify, develop and focus the resources and talents of the computational materials science research community.
Science and Engineering Computing


computational materials science, modeling, progress, simulation


Glotzer, S. and Warren, J. (2008), Computational Materials Science and Industrial R&D: Accelerating Progress, Science and Engineering Computing (Accessed June 25, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008