Compressed-Liquid Densities of Three Reference Fuels for Combustion Testing

Published: September 19, 2016


Stephanie L. Outcalt


Compressed-liquid densities of three aviation fuels have been measured with a vibrating-tube densimeter. The measurements were made from 270 K to 470 K, and 0.5 MPa to 45 MPa and have an overall combined uncertainty of 0.81 kg.m-3. The data from each of the samples have been correlated with a modified Tait equation and the parameters are given for each. Compressed- liquid densities of the fuels reported herein are compared with previously measured densities of a Jet-A and correlations for JP-5 and JP-8.
Citation: Energy and Fuels
Pub Type: Journals

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Aviation fuel, Compressed-liquid, Density, Vibrating-tube densimeter
Created September 19, 2016, Updated February 24, 2017