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Compressed-liquid densities of Dimethyl Carbonate + Heptane at Three Compositions



Stephanie L. Outcalt, Arno Laesecke


Compressed-liquid densities of the binary system dimethyl carbonate + heptane have been measured with a vibrating-tube densimeter over the temperature and pressure ranges of 270 K to 470 K, and 1 MPa to 50 MPa at three compositions of the mixture. The measurements are part of an effort to better understand the molecular interactions of polar/non-polar mixtures. These types of mixtures often exhibit very non-ideal behavior. By measuring the mixture at three compositions and over a large range of temperature and pressure, the non-ideality can be assessed. There are no compressed-liquid density data for this binary system in the literature, thus data reported here are compared to literature data at atmospheric pressure to establish their quality.
Journal of Molecular Liquids


Compressed-liquid, Density, Dimethyl Carbonate, Equation of State, Heptane, Vibrating-tube densimeter


Outcalt, S. and Laesecke, A. (2018), Compressed-liquid densities of Dimethyl Carbonate + Heptane at Three Compositions, Journal of Molecular Liquids, [online], (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created December 26, 2018, Updated July 15, 2020