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Compositional models for power systems



Dhananjay Anand, Blake S. Pollard, Spencer J. Breiner, John S. Nolan, Eswaran Subrahmanian


The problem of integrating multiple overlapping models and data is pervasive in engineering, though often implicit. We consider this issue of model management in the context of the electrical power grid, as it transitions from centralized generation with unidirectional power flow towards a more decentralized `Smart Grid.' Considering the problem of distributing power on the grid, we show how to connect a generic problem specification with implementation specific numerical solvers using the paradigm of categorical databases. Zooming in to the device level, we define a symmetric monoidal category of distributed energy resources (DERs), i.e. entities which produce, consume, or store power. The tensor product in this category gives a way of aggregating such devices and their feasible operating regimes.
Proceedings Title
COMPOSITIONALITY - Special issue on Category Theory
Conference Dates
July 15-19, 2019
Conference Location
Oxford, -1
Conference Title
Applied Category Theory


power systems, compositionality, solvers
Created September 8, 2019