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The Complex, Unique and Powerful Imaging Instrument for Dynamics (CUPI2D) at the Spallation Neutron Source



Adrian Brugger, Alexandru Biris, Jason Harp, Matthew Connolly, George Nelson, Fernando Luis Esteban Florez, Hassina Bilheux, Jiao Lin, Jeffrey Warren, Andrew Kiss, Roland Pellenq, Ann Junghans, Jonathan Morris, Alexander Long, Anton Tremsin, Andrea Strzelec, Mark Anderson, Robert Agasie, Charles FINNEY, Martin Wissink, MIJA HUBLER, Claire White, Brent Heuser, Aaron Craft, Chuting Tan, Kathryn Morris, Sanna Sevanto, Nikolay Kardjilov, Burkhard Schillinger, Matthew Frost, Sven C. Vogel, Maria Cekanova


The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is planning to build the Second Target Station (STS) at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). STS will host a suite of novel instruments that complements the First Target Station's beamline capabilities by offering increased flux for cold neutrons and broader wavelength bandwidth. A novel neutron imaging beamline, named the Complex, Unique and Powerful Imaging Instrument for Dynamics (CUPI2D), is among the first eight instruments that will be commissioned at STS as part of the construction project. CUPI2D is designed for a broad range of neutron imaging-based scientific applications such as energy storage and conversion (batteries, fuel cells), materials science and engineering (additive manufacturing, superalloys, archaeometry), nuclear materials (novel cladding materials and nuclear fuel, moderators), cementitious materials, biology/medical/dental applications (regenerative medicine, cancer), and life sciences (plant-soil interactions, nutrient dynamics). The innovation of this instrument lies in the utilization of a high flux of wavelength-separated cold neutrons to perform real time in situ neutron grating interferometry and – with a wavelength resolution of Dl/l ≈ 0.3% for Bragg edge imaging capabilities – simultaneously when required, across a broad range of length and time scales. This manuscript briefly describes the science enabled at CUPI2D based on its unique capabilities. Preliminary beamline performance, a design concept and future development requirements are also presented.
Review of Scientific Instruments


Brugger, A. , Biris, A. , Harp, J. , Connolly, M. , Nelson, G. , Esteban Florez, F. , Bilheux, H. , Lin, J. , Warren, J. , Kiss, A. , Pellenq, R. , Junghans, A. , Morris, J. , Long, A. , Tremsin, A. , Strzelec, A. , Anderson, M. , Agasie, R. , FINNEY, C. , Wissink, M. , HUBLER, M. , White, C. , Heuser, B. , Craft, A. , Tan, C. , Morris, K. , Sevanto, S. , Kardjilov, N. , Schillinger, B. , Frost, M. , Vogel, S. and Cekanova, M. (2023), The Complex, Unique and Powerful Imaging Instrument for Dynamics (CUPI2D) at the Spallation Neutron Source, Review of Scientific Instruments, [online],, (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created May 12, 2023, Updated August 29, 2023