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A Comparison of Year 2000 Solutions



G E. Fisher


Not withstanding going out of business, retiring old systems, or replacing inadequate systems with commercial off-the-shelf systems, there are basically three techniques for solving the Year 2000 computer problem: 1) windowing, 2) encoding or encapsulation, and 3) expansion. An overview of these three techniques and variations reveals interesting factors and information that should be taken into consideration when deciding upon a conversion strategy for dealing with correcting the Year 2000 problem. This bulletin presents an overview of these methods and provides a comparison of the pros and cons of each. . While by no means an exhaustive comparison of solutions or characteristics, it shows that there are myriad considerations before the final decision.
A Comparison of Year 2000 Solutions


Julian Day Number, Modified Julian Day Number, Y2K, Y2K solutions, Year 2000 computer problem


Fisher, G. (1998), A Comparison of Year 2000 Solutions, A Comparison of Year 2000 Solutions (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created May 1, 1998, Updated February 17, 2017