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Comparison of Gas-Phase and Chemisorbed Photoemission Spectra of Oligo(para-phenylene-ethynlene)s



Steven W. Robey, Roger D. van Zee, Christopher D. Zangmeister, N E. Gruhn, Yuxing Yao, J M. Tour


Ultraviolet photoemission spectra of the three-ring oligo(para-phenylene-ethynylene) and corresponding thiol were measured in the gas phase and compared to the spectrum of the thiolate chemisorbed on gold. The gas-phase spectra were simulated with valence effective Hamiltonian calculations, and these simulated spectra were used to assign the observed spectral features. The spectrum of the chemisorbed species was, apart from an overall shift, similar to that of the gas-phase species. These observations indicate that neither the thiol linker nor chemisorption significantly change the nature of the valence states of these molecules.
Chemical Physics Letters


calibration, flow, flow standard, flowmeter, hydrocarbon liquid, inventory volume, uncertainty


Robey, S. , van Zee, R. , Zangmeister, C. , Gruhn, N. , Yao, Y. and Tour, J. (2008), Comparison of Gas-Phase and Chemisorbed Photoemission Spectra of Oligo(para-phenylene-ethynlene)s, Chemical Physics Letters (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008