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Comparative Studies of MgB2/Mg Nano-Composites and Press-Sintered MgB2 Pellets



Q Li, L Wu, Y Zhu, A R. Moodenbaugh, G Gu, M Suenaga, Z X. Ye, Daniel A. Fischer


We present our studies of superconducting and microstructural properties of bulk MgB2/Mg nano-composites and press-sintered MgB2. TEM investigation revealed that the composites are very dense, consisting of nano-sized MgB2 grains connected by the well-defined clean grain boundaries (GB). Both amorphous and structural intact GBs were observed in thepress-sintered samples. Magnetization and transport measurements showed that the composite carried over 1 MA/cm2 critical current density (Jc) at 5 K and self-field, while the pressed sintered MgB2 has Jc approximately} 0.25 MA/cm2 at 5 K and self-field. The origin of substantially higher Jc found in the composites is mostly due to their nano-sized grains and cleangrain boundaries.
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
No. 2


critical current, grain boundaries, MgB<sub>2</sub> superconductors, nano-composites


Li, Q. , Wu, L. , Zhu, Y. , Moodenbaugh, A. , Gu, G. , Suenaga, M. , Ye, Z. and Fischer, D. (2003), Comparative Studies of MgB<sub>2</sub>/Mg Nano-Composites and Press-Sintered MgB<sub>2</sub> Pellets, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (Accessed December 7, 2023)
Created May 31, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021