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Comparative Analysis of Bearing Health Monitoring Methods for Machine Tool Linear Axes



Jordan Jameson, Gregory W. Vogl


The study of rotating machinery ball bearing diagnostics and prognostics is quite mature and an abundance of methods/algorithms are available to perform these functions. However, extending these algorithms to other ball bearing applications is challenging and may not yield usable results. A linear axis testbed was used to study the ability of an inertial measurement unit to measure changes in geometric error motions. Faults were introduced on the recirculating ball bearings of one carriage truck with increasing severity. The inertial measurement unit data was analyzed using a variety of methods proposed and used in the rotating machinery community, including auto-regressive filtering, self-adaptive noise cancellation, minimum entropy deconvolution, and spectral kurtosis. The results reveal a surprising ineffectiveness of the methods for bearing faults having low signal-to-noise ratio and/or weaker periodicity than faults in rotating machinery.
Proceedings Title
Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology 2018 Annual Conference
Conference Dates
May 15-17, 2018
Conference Location
Virginia Beach, VA


Linear axis, ball bearing, degradation, diagnostics, smart manufacturing
Created May 17, 2018, Updated July 18, 2018