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A Compact Variable-Temperature Broadband Series-Resistor Calibration



Nathan D. Orloff, Jordi Mateu, Arkadiusz C. Lewandowski, Eduard Rocas, Joshua P. King, Dazhen Gu, Juan C. Collado Gomez, Ichiro Takeuchi, Xiaoli Lu, James C. Booth


We present a method to obtain a broadband on wafer calibration from 45 MHz to 40 GHz for variable temperature, which requires three standards: a thru-reflect, and series-resistor. The maximum error of this technique compared to a benchmark 9 standard multiline thru-reflect-line is comparable to the repeatability of the benchmark calibration. The series-resistor standard is modeled as a lumped-element π -network. We show that the model is stable over a long times, and compare the calibration to multiline thru-reflect line as a function of time. The approach is then demonstrated at variable temperature, where the model parameters are extracted at 300 K down to 20 K to determine their temperature dependence. The resultant technique reduced the total footprint of the calibration standards by a factor of 17 and measurement time by a factor of 3.
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques


calibration, error correction, microwave, scattering parameters, series-resistor, temperature, cryogenic


Orloff, N. , Mateu, J. , Lewandowski, A. , Rocas, E. , King, J. , Gu, D. , Collado, J. , Takeuchi, I. , Lu, X. and Booth, J. (2011), A Compact Variable-Temperature Broadband Series-Resistor Calibration, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (Accessed October 1, 2023)
Created January 1, 2011, Updated February 19, 2017